Soil Therapy Products

SOIL THERAPY™ for flowers

STC potting soil blend is a potting soil specially blended for use in potting and repotting plants and flowers. STC Potting Soil Blend has excellent water retention properties, a high organic content and stable nutrient base. Whether using STC Potting Soil for potting plants or to build flower beds, STC potting soil will promote increased plant growth, bigger blooms,  healthier root systems, and improve the overall health of plants.

SOIL THERAPY™ for lawns and landscapes

STC lawn and landscape blend is a general use product that has been composted and screened to provide maximum growth potential for both sod  grass and seed grass, while incorporating well into existing lawns. Use STC Lawn and Landscape for bald spots in your lawn, areas where erosion has taken place or simply to prepare the soil for establishing  a new lawn.

SOIL THERAPY™ products that will be available soon.


  • Soil Therapy Compost Garden Blend
  • Soil Therapy Compost Bio Mulch
  • Soil Therapy Compost Bio Soil